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S’mores Day is August 10th

National S'mores Day is Sunday August 10th! #smores #recipes

S’mores Day is August 10th. It is National S’mores Day, and this is a holiday that I can get behind. Any excuse to have delicious S’mores sounds good to me!

My family loves s’mores and we cannot get enough of them. We love to get our fire pit blazing and roast marshmallows. On most Saturday nights we will have one going, the boys will tell us stories and make s’mores for all of us to enjoy. Here are some great s’mores recipes that you and your family will be sure to like!

S’mores Recipes:

Reese’s Smores – If you haven’t tried this one you are missing out.

Smores Pops – SO yummy and easy to enjoy on the go.

Smores Nachos – Delicious.

S’mores Trail Mix – Perfect for on the go.

100 Calorie S’mores Snack – Love this! You don’t have to ruin your diet.

Crescent Roll S’mores – This is hands down my son’s favorite.

Pot of S’mores Recipe – So good and easy to make.

S’mores – Our Family Fun Activity – A tradition we love.

S’mores Cookies – Best ever for on the go!

S’mores Day is August 10th so enjoy with friends and family and choose one of the recipes to make!

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