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Kids Toy Storage Ideas

In a new home, staying organized right away is one of your goals.  These Kids Toy Storage Ideas are going to be ideal for keeping things orderly without costing a ton of money. Plus, they look good in the process!

Kids Toy Storage Ideas

Kids Toy Storage Ideas

Traditional Plastic Bin Storage Shelving:  These are the type of shelves and storage units you see frequently in classrooms as well as toddlers rooms.  With primary colors prominent, it’s most common with younger children.

Traditional Cloth Bin Storage Shelving:  The same concept design as above, but with cloth bins that are easy to wash and reuse as needed.  It is also easy to customize with your preference of cloth bins instead of a standard color or style.

Plastic Craft Storage Containers:  These craft storage containers are also excellent for use in a kids room for small items like doll clothes and accessories, building blocks like LEGO, or small cars and action figures.

Large Cloth Toy Bin with Handles:  A large cloth container is a great way to store things like stuffed animals for younger kids, or balls and large toys for older kids. Being cloth makes it super easy to toss in the washing machine if needed.

Bookshelf or Footboard Storage:  These are excellent options with bins and shelves built in.  They also fit easily against the end of a bed, or against a wall space.  They often come in white or cream so they are easy to customize with paint or vinyl decals.

Classic Toy Hammock:  If your child has a lot of stuffed animals or larger items that they don’t play with often, a toy hammock is a great storage option for their bedroom.  The price is ideal, and they are easy to hang in any corner.

Upscale Wooden Cube Organizer:  You’ve seen these used throughout homes and they are a favorite option.  Not only do they look great in any bedroom, but you can buy unique cloth bins to fit into their cubes to match your child’s bedroom decor.  Plus, they can stay a permanent fixture since they aren’t in specific style or colors that is reminiscent of toddlers.

As you can see, there are tons of great kids toy storage ideas out there to fit your needs.  Gone are the big ugly plastic bins, and now you can find pretty and unique ideas to keep your kids toys beautifully stored until time to play!

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