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How To Make Reindeer Food

How To Make Reindeer Food

One of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions is sprinkling “Reindeer Food” on our front lawn.  It is simple to make and this is cute poem that I like to read while my son sprinkles it.

How To Make Reindeer Food - Your kids wil love this tradition on Christmas Eve

“Sprinkle this in your yard on Christmas Eve night.  The light of the moon will make it sparkle bright.  As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home!”

How To Make Reindeer Food:

To make your reindeer food take 2 TBSP of rolled quick oats and mix with 1 tsp of glitter.  You can also add cheerios to the mix if you like!  Some people like to use colored sugar instead of glitter as it is safer for pets.

Our Christmas Eve Tradition - Sprinkle Reindeer Food

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  1. we did this a few years ago and my boys loved it Christmas morning they were looking out the door to see if the reindeer had ate their food and when we were leaving to visit all the grandparents they were like the reindeer were pigs mama they have ate it all there were only a few peices of oatmeal left

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