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How to make Healthy Popsicles with V8 Fusion

How to make Healthy Popsicles with V8 Fusion. I have always made Peyton’s popsicles. I love using V8 Fusion to make them because I am able to sneak in a serving of vegetables into them.

How to make Healthy Popsicles with V8 Fusion:

You can of course you any juice of your choice and another idea is to use a clear juice and add fruit – like this post shows.

The investment of these popsicle molds has far paid for themselves because of the money we have saved.  I am assured that I am able to provide healthy choices for my son instead of purchasing store packaged options.  The ideas are endless of the types and flavors you can make too!  We tried making them with the new V8 Fusion Smoothie and they have a nice creamy texture.  He really liked them.

Do you make your own popsicles?

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  1. I like making popsicles out of homemade smoothies! Kiwi and Bananas make especially delicious popsicles. What a great idea to use the V8-Fusion. I am in need of some new popsicle molds!

    Love your website!

  2. Wow will have to make…. there is a new popsicle mold out there… saw some friends post about a new way to make popsicles… will have to get one to make these!

  3. great idea..might I also suggest freezing green smoothies into popsicles, it’s another way of getting in veggies

  4. Another popsicle idea I saw on pinterest ~ put a popsicle stick through the top of yogurts and freeze them. Sounded good!

  5. I remember making popsicles as a kid, and totally forgot about what a great homemade treat it is! Thanks for the idea!

  6. I use to make home Popsicles, need to make some, think I will go get me some v8 fusion smoothie and make me some.

  7. What a great idea- we make a lot of popsicles w/juice or yogurt etc, but never thought of doing the smoothies. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be giving these a try.

  8. What a great idea for healthy treats!! Will have to make some for the grandchildren. Thanks!!

  9. Wow! Ok I am so gonna get a kit now. Summer its here I can just see me n my 2 yr old son sitting outside with a popsicle. Perfect way to sneek in some veggies.

  10. Love the idea. My sister and I were just talking about making homemade popsicles for our little ones. We haven’t been able to find any molds though.

  11. So would you definitely recommend a popsicle set for these? Or will the old “Dixie cup and a popsicle stick” trick work?

  12. V8 Fusion Smoothies……to use in the popsicle holders. Yes…my daughter will be in love with those. Thanks for the idea.

  13. I can’t wait to try this with my kids, especially my step daughter who is 9 and is limited in the amounts of sugar she can have

  14. I have sometimes made popsicles for myself with Crystal Light but these sound really good….definitely going to try them.

  15. I am going to have to try this. Sounds like a rather healthier popsicle. I see this happening in the very near future.

  16. I never thought to use a drink like V-8 for popsicles! Will def have to make some when grandkids are visiting!

  17. I hadn’t thought about this, but what a GREAT idea! I try to sneak veggies in anyway I can but I never thought of this. Thanks for sharing!

  18. These could be a great way to get not only kids to get quality hydration but also some elderly people who need a tasty incentive to drink juice.


  19. Great idea I wouldn’t bof thought abought using v8 juices and I love the idea about using the clear juice and fruit. Thanks for the ideas

  20. I love this idea! It would be so much better than a regular sugar filled Popsicle on these hot and humid days!

  21. this is SUCH a great idea. my daughter is still a little too young to have one without making a SUPER HUGE MESS lol but when she is old enough i will DEFINITLY be trying this. thank you!

  22. I babysit during the day a 1,3,5 year old. For jucie I give them V8 Strawberry banana. They would LOVE this! These will be made this week at our house.

  23. I might try these for the kids, but I might try them myself. Anyone know how many weight watcher points one Popsicle might be?

  24. Great idea! I’m finding more and more options for homemade popsicles, and once I get my upright freezer, I’ll be making tons of them (as my regular freezer is just too small for such things!).

  25. Will definitely have to try this this summer It’s cheaper than buying popsycles and I am sure it will be better too.

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