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How to keep brown sugar from turning hard

How to keep brown sugar from turning hard

I am often asked how to keep brown sugar from turning hard.  This is  tip that I learned when I was teaching Home Economics and it works like a charm.  Not only will this tip save you time it will also save you money.

How to keep brown sugar from turning hard:

It is simple!  Add a slice of bread to your brown sugar and place in an airtight container.   The bread will turn stale and the moisture from the bread will go into your brown sugar keeping it soft and ready to use.  This trick actually works quickly.  So just toss in a slice and by the morning your brown sugar will be ready for your oatmeal or baking!  Much better than throwing away your brown sugar too!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this came at the EXACT right time. I had JUST thrown out a whole container of brown sugar “bolders” and purchased a brand new package of un-clumpy sugar. I hadn’t opened it for fear my extremely humid south Florida location would turn the bag into a veritable Rocky Mountain landscape before I could use it all. Problem solved. 🙂 Thank you so much.

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