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How To Freezer Cook Series

How To Freezer Cook Series. I wanted to share with you some tips for how to start freezer cooking. This is going to be a week long series. I hope it helps you save both time and money from your grocery budget.  I am a big believer in utilizing the freezer when it comes to meal prepping.  If you spend one day prepping you can save yourself 20 days later.

How To Freezer Cook - Why does Freezer Cooking Work

So the four hours you spend results in spending only 15 minutes per meal! When you think about it that way the investment of time is really worth it!  Plus you eliminate the age of question, of “what is for dinner Mom”.  By freezer cooking I know what is for dinner!

Why Does Freezer Cooking Work?

1.  It reduces food waste – you are less likely to purchase ingredients that you won’t use and end up throwing them away.  This is a huge money saver.

2.  It saves money – by planning your meals and preparing them in advance you will save money from your family budget.

3.  It improves nutrition – if you have meals ready “bake” or put into the slow cooker nightly you will be less tempted to go out to dinner and will send up eating better. No more temptations for fast food stops.

4.  It enhances family time – by eliminating the “time” from nightly food preparation you are able to enjoy your family time more and be less stressed out.  Perfect for busy nights and once you come home from a long day at work. Family time is already so limited with sports and school activities.

5.  It improves food safety – by freezer cooking you are less likely to endure a food borne illness (the freezing process will aid in the elimination of bacteria growth).  It keeps your family healthier.

If you are new to the concept of monthly menu planning this post will help you get started:

Tips for Monthly Menu Planning

If you are new (or even experienced) to freezer cooking:

Part 1 – Sample Menu and Getting Started

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Part 3 – Planning Your Meals

Part 4 – Tips and Tricks for Freezer Efficiency

Part 5 – What Can You Freeze?

Part 6 – Freezer Storage

Part 7 – Tips for Thawing Your Meals

Part 8 – Make Your Own Freezer Pancakes

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