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Grilling Frozen Pizza

Grilling Frozen Pizza – A Summer Alternative To Baking

Grilling Frozen Pizza is a fun summer alternative to baking  My family loves pizza.  In fact, I know my son could eat it 7 days a week if we let him.  One thing about the summer is that Pizza really heats up your kitchen when you bake it.  We have an alternative for you!  You can grill it instead!  We decided to give it try and my family gave it two thumbs up! Also, if you find yourself without an oven this is a great alternative to baking pizza.

Grilling Frozen Pizza:

Every Friday Night is Pizza Night at our house.  However, in the summer it really heats up the house and that is how we decided to try grilling our family favorite instead.

We chose a frozen pizza for our first attempt.  It was so easy to do on our gas grill.  Just heat the grill to 400 degrees with the lid closed.  Place the pizza directly on the center of the grate and then cook for a total of 12 to 15 minutes – rotating half a turn approximately seven minutes into the cook time.  That is IT!

At first my son was concerned his pizza would be as good as coming out of the oven.  After my husband enjoyed a couple of pieces my son joined in and since he has requested grilled pizza twice!  I think he liked it 🙂

Have you tried grilling a frozen pizza before?  We love to take a frozen pizza to the pool now and toss it on the grill!

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