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DIY Spooky Ghost Plate

This DIY Spooky Ghost Plate is so cute and easy to make! It’s a great little addition to your Halloween decorations. You can even add this to a table and fill with candy so when the candy is gone, your guests see the cute little spooky ghost!

DIY Spooky Ghost Plate

I always have extra plates for my pots after I plant flowers. Somehow, I either don’t use them all or bring home extras. In this case, you can also just buy the plates by themselves for $1 or less at most hardware stores.

This was a random idea that just came together in a few minutes time. I wanted a fun ghost craft, and thought, “what can I do cheaply?”. The answer was to grab a plate, spray paint, and some googly eyes from my craft room. This took no time to put together. The longest part was letting the paint dry.

Make several of these in various sizes with different shaped mouths and sizes of eyes to display as a ghost “family” on your mantle.

Supplies for DIY Spooky Ghost Plate

  • Small terra cotta plate
  • White spray paint
  • Black permanent marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft glue or hot glue & hot glue gun

How to Make a DIY Spooky Ghost Plate

Note: When using spray paint, always do so outside or in a well-ventilated room. For this craft, I prefer to take it outside and spray on some newspaper then allow to dry.

Using spray paint, paint the top and sides of the terra cotta plate. Allow this to dry for 1 hour.

Once the plate has completely dried, you will use black permanent marker to create a mouth in the shape you prefer. This can be a happy or scary ghost.

Use hot glue or craft glue to attach the googly eyes.

Display on a mantle or table.

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