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How To Make Lip Sugar Scrub

Homemade Brown Sugar Lip Scrub is so easy to make and great to give as a gift!

I love this DIY Lip Sugar Scrub.  Winter will soon be here and apparently my lips already think it’s arrived!  Peeling and flaky lips are not an attractive look especially with all of those fabulous holiday red lipsticks!

Give your lips a little TLC this winter by making a sugar scrub.  This would also make a great holiday gift.  Try pairing it with a body sugar scrub for the ultimate delicious gift!  Find the recipe here for the body sugar scrub.  Also consider using a peppermint essential oil instead of lemon for a holiday twist on the recipe.  Happy scrubbing!

This recipe is for one small container but if you want to make a large batch for gift giving then feel free to double per container used.

DIY Lip Sugar Scrub:


1 tablespoon white granulated sugar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon honey
1 – 1 ½ tablespoon olive oil or almond oil
Small containers (I found these containers 2 for $1 in the travel size item section at Wal-Mart)
3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil


How To Make Lip Sugar Scrub

Step 1:
In a small bowl or measuring cup mix the brown and white sugar together.

Step 2:
Mix in the honey.  The consistency will be sticky, but the oil will help smooth it out.

How To Make Lip Sugar Scrub

Step 3:
Slowly add in the oil and stir to the desired consistency, feel free to modify the amount of oil to achieve your ideal consistency.  You are looking for a consistency that is compacted, but not too firmly, not too goopy or runny.

Step 4:
Divide into small containers.

Step 5:
To use scrub, gently rub sugar scrub on lips in a circular motion.  With a warm washcloth rinse off all of the scrub.  Apply Vaseline or other lip balm for super smooth lips!

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Lemon Sugar Scrub

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  1. How many small containers were you able to create? Considering making this with my K4 students for their mother’s for Mother’s Day.

  2. Could I used coconut oil? I’m out of almond 🙁 and olive oil makes me cringe–I know it’s good for you but something about the taste/smell is icky to me

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